Thoughts on being “mom” to my red head

One of the best parts of being a parent is watching all these wonderful experiences happen to your kids and knowing that those moments become memories you’ll talk about for years and years. Today, after church, Stella was looking for her daddy. She saw someone that seemed to fit the bill, hugged around his waist super tight saying, “DADDY!!”

When to her horror she realized it was not, in fact, her daddy, but our friend Caleb. I have never seen her cheeks so bright red and I still giggle every time I remember it. She was so embarrassed that she didn’t want me to tell her real daddy that she had hugged the wrong man. I probably shouldn’t share this so publicly, out of respect for her sweet innocent embarrassment, but she is so special and sweet that I just bust at the seams and can’t help but share all her cute parts. When we came home she let me know she was going to “hide out” in a blankie fort for a few hours or days so she could get over the embarrassment alone.

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