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A recent shot from a personal project I’m working on, all about Baker City – my home. 

Totally unrelated to this post, by the way… 

In the early days of my business I was working every single day of the week, morning noon and night. I quickly learned that in order to be effective and efficient, taking time off was essential, as well as having (flexible) work hours. My weekend is Sunday and Monday, I will occasionally respond to emails or text messages on these days but for the most part I avoid working and try to really set that time aside for family, housework, and personal projects.

Your work hours can be totally non-traditional, it’s YOUR business, do what makes sense to you – without making it impossible for your clients to work with you. For me, I get most of my editing done between the hours of 8pm and 1am – I’m a mom, so when my kids are in bed I can really focus. Beyond that, I know I work best at night! My work hours tend to be Tuesday-Friday, 1-4 and again 8-12 (yes, at night!) and Saturday’s are flexible, if I have a shoot I base my hours around the shoot. If I don’t, I try to get my work done in the early afternoon (1-4). These hours work well for me, afternoon coincides with my oldest being at school and my youngest taking her nap (if I’m lucky, these days!!) and after they are in bed I can pump out a ton of work, guilt free. Leaving Sunday and Monday as days that are totally dedicated to my family has made a huge difference in our home. I think the key is identifying times of the day that naturally work for you to get your work done, and seeing if that’s enough time to realistically get through the to do list. If not, you may have to work day care, a nanny or baby sitting into your business expenses. Or figure out how to live on 2 hours of sleep a night (if you figure that out will you cue me in?!) Keeping these hours flexible is necessary, sometimes the time you set aside to work just doesn’t happen and sometimes an unexpected opportunity to work pops up and you need to take it!

The point is, when you work for yourself you gotta take a weekend off. You gotta set boundaries for your work hours. And you gotta be flexible. Do it. Your business will thank you for it, because when you come back to your work week refreshed and energized for progress you’ll be that much more productive! Comin’ at you live… from my weekend! ;)

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