Decluttering and a Sneak Peek

carly carlson shelley banks

a sneak peek – more to come

We are a growing family in a shrinking home. We’ve found a new home, one we’d fit in perfectly with room to grow – but the timing just isn’t right. So the last several weeks have been nesting-overdrive for this pregnant crazy lady. I am bound and determined to “make it work.” (Thank you Tim Gunn.)

The two bedrooms, the one bathroom, the overflowing closets and drawers. When did abundance become such a burden? I remind myself daily of the blessings disguised as inconveniences and challenges. I’m in a major purge-mode right now where very little in our home has an emotional attachment and is easily sold, donated or tossed. It is mind boggling, the freedom and lightness you feel when parting ways with things that add no value, purpose or meaning. I’ve found myself so intrigued by the minimalist mindset, this William Morris quote on repeat in my head

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Sigh. “What a happy life that sounds like,” I think to myself as I cautiously avoid the pile of dirty laundry on the floor and the clutter of papers piled up on my office desk. But when I close my eyes there’s a clear pine scented breeze blowing through our crisp clean home with nothing but the necessities by my side…

Every day I’m working toward this reality I seek. The pregnancy hormones are really aiding my progress in some ways and hindering in others. I’m really really motivated… and really really tired.


Above you see Shelley and Ian, a wonderfully in love couple I had the privilege of shooting this past weekend… more to come from their session soon!

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