Me Before You by Jojo Moyes | A MUST Read

I just had my heart ripped out… Yesterday afternoon I sat down to read a book I had gotten both for me and my friend Rachel to read for Christmas. And at 1:30am, with stinging eyes and tears welling in my ears (you know, from reading on my back) I read the last page and…

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Let’s be real | 2014

  I’m a choir nerd. In high school, choir was pretty much everything. Well… when it wasn’t Choir it was Jazz Band (I play(ed) bass, so you know I’m cool). My dad was my choir teacher. That’s a lot of pressure, especially for a perfectionist-people pleaser. I committed to developing that choir-voice skill, and when…

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Goodbye Summer | Back to School FLASH SALE

Can you believe it’s Back to School time?! To celebrate, I’m throwing a 24-hour FLASH SALE! For past clients who have taken advantage of my annual Black Friday sale, this is the exact same deal. Here’s how it works! It’s a gift certificate sale, most clients buy the gift certificate for themselves to use on…

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