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“I’m the Mama. With a camera. In love with my clients.”

In the several years I’ve been doing photography I feel like my relationship with it has gone through phases.View full post »

Girls’ Night Out: Mini Workshops

Wouldn’t you love a night out with your girlfriends? We all would! Girls’ Night Out: Mini Workshops give you theView full post »

6 months

Yep, already 6 months old. And a TOTAL ham. :) It’s okay if you want to eat her up, I do too.View full post »

Checking in…

I’m still alive! Just wanted to quickly check in and say hi on the blog. :) Some quick information… sessionView full post »

2010, personal retrospective

I feel like I’m baring my soul a little bit here, so be kind to me. :) These photos may not be the mostView full post »

5 months…

Baby Olive is 5 months old today, I can hardly believe it. Time is flying by! Pic details for those who care…View full post »

The comments that DON’T get published…

When I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress in order to have this spiffy new website, I didn’t realize I&#View full post »

2 months old…

…and perfect as pie.View full post »

What I’m working on…

Oh boy howdy. I’m busy! Just some quick sneak peeks of what I’m spending my time on lately! More pics comingView full post »

Dylan & Heather, gettin’ hitched…

My handsome brother is getting married to a foxy lady named Heather. And I could just about pee my pantaloons, I’View full post »


Mommy to two is an adjustment, that’s for sure. But when they’re THIS freakin cute, you know it’sView full post »

My firstborn and some thoughts.

Ok, Ok, we all know how gorgeous my Stella is. But seriously?! These pictures made me cry as I went through them…View full post »

6 am

My new favorite time of day.View full post »