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2012 Mini-Session Families

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – these are not all the same family ;)

This is a little compilation post of families that I wish I’d had time to do full blog posts for but, in this crazy season, I’m hoping this’ll do! Most of these are families (or couples) that chose to do one of my mini-session days! Mini-session days will be offered twice in 2013 so keep an eye out for those as they fill up fast! Can you believe we’re at the end of the year?!


glenda -

I love all of these! I really love how everyone looks so natural and at ease. The settings are so beautiful too!

Samantha -

Whitney sent me, I vote for her and Clay! Super cute!

Kerrin Hasler -

I vote for the Richards family. Every picture of every family is wonderful, however.

Amy -

All the pics are lovely, but the blue eyed bandits in the 2nd row steal the show! No bias of course, Auntie Amy ;)

Mindy -

Beautiful pictures!! The 2 little cuties in the second row are adorable!!!

Nike -

1) I love every shot you ever do with the mountains as the backdrop. Makes. me. cry. every. time.

2) That velour couch is the bomb.

3) June would be a good time for 2013 mini shoots. Just sayin…

Stella's and Olive's Papa -

It’s impossible to choose which is my favorite, but when Dangerous Dave can look good next to the embarrassment-of-riches-of-good-looks of his family, there surely must be some credit given to the photographer!

Carly, how do you find such beautiful people to shoot? I sense a conspiracy.

Morgan Gilda -

Amazinbg photos! I vote for Whitney! Reminds me to make an appointmentof my own!

Kendra Udy -

Danielle sent me. Live the pictures! I vote PARSONS

kelly thomas -

BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!!! love you parsons!

-zac and kelly and eden